I was looking for this list! Thank you for keeping track. While Gibbs has his own list of rules to follow, he doesn`t always stick to them. An example is rule #3. If Gibbs doesn`t want to be reached, he`s known for leaving his phone behind. Except that many believe that this is one of Frank`s rules, because there are two #3 rules. The other is: “Don`t believe what you`re told. Double Check,” which is more like Gibbs. Also on the anniversary of his last wedding, he removed his phone at home and dropped his phone in paint thinner after his ex-wife harassed him with phone calls. Gibbs also admits that rule number 10 is the one he`s had the most “trouble” with in “Obsession.” In season 1 “Missing”, Tony suspected that the rules came from the Marine Corps, but artillery sergeant Bill Atlas confessed that he had never heard of them. A few years later, Gibbs added the “51” rule to the box in which he kept the rules, while according to Tony, seven of the rules directly affect lawyers and the eighth rule was inspired by a lawyer, as revealed in the Season 6 episode “Collateral Damage” (episode). Forty and more rules are not necessary rules for everyday life, they are for emergencies.

Thank you for putting all the rules together, I hear them in the program and I often wonder if they are duplicated because I do not keep track. I love the humor of NCIS. That`s great, I was hoping a list of her rules would come out one day. Blessing of the angels! Gibbs lives his life by a set of rules that took root from the first day he met Shannon. Over time, Gibbs completed the rules. When he joined NCIS, Mike Franks told him he didn`t need dozens of different rules to be an agent. Only three “golden rules”. And that`s why we doubled down on rules #1 and #3. Three of these are Gibbs` rules; three of them are Mike Frank`s rules. We have not yet revealed the doubling of rule #2. And it`s up to fans to guess which of the rules were Mike Frank`s three golden rules and which were Gibbs`. (Shane Brennan`s explanation of duplicating rules #1 and #3.) Nevertheless, Franks seems to know Gibbs` rules as well as anyone else, as shown in the episode “Patriot Down” when Gibbs conveyed the message “Rule #44” through Camilla.

Later, in season 6 of “Heartland,” Tony Jackson asked Gibbs if he had taught Leroy the rules, but Jackson said sadly that he hadn`t been able to teach his son much. During the series, there were two rules, called the first and third of Gibbs` rules. For a while, it was believed that duplicates were either continuity errors or that the list of rules must be malleable. Eventually, however, executive producer Shane Brennan revealed that the duplication was indeed intentional: Thank you for sharing the lens. I would like to live my life according to Gibbs` rules. Years later, after their marriage, Gibbs began writing down his rules and keeping them in a small tin can in his house, which was featured in the season 7 finale, Rule Fifty-One (episode). Although he uses it often, we almost never see the box. In total, only 35 of Gibbs` rules have been revealed. At first, it was thought that there were only 50 rules. However, as the seasons go by, there seems to be an increasing number of rules. Gibbs appears to be using Rules 51 and above for his privacy. They seem to have been invented locally and, as usual, the rules are not necessarily in order.

Knowing the origin of menstruation remains a mystery to the people Gibbs works with, though some of them make concentrated efforts to figure it out. Anthony DiNozzo makes several attempts to find out who taught Gibbs the rules, although he has not yet succeeded. Season 8 — Rule #5, Rule #16, Rule #35: After a long wait, two new rules were introduced in 8×22 `Baltimore`, an episode that finally revealed how Anthony DiNozzo became an NCIS agent. Rule #35, “Always watch watchers” and Rule #5, “You don`t waste anything good.” Gibbs mentions rule #5 and tells Tony, “You`re good.” Later, in the season 8 finale, Tony mentions Gibbs` rule #16 to E.J. Barrett: “If anyone thinks they have the upper hand. Break!. In the final minutes of “Heartland,” it was revealed that Gibbs` period came from his first wife, Shannon Gibbs, where she told him at their first meeting that “everyone needs a code to live.” The only rule in Shannon`s personal code cited is his first or third: “Never go out with a woodcutter.” At the beginning of his tenure at NCIS, during the episode of season 3, Switch informed Gibbs Ziva David that there were about fifty rules he was instilling in him. In 3×05 `Switch` we learn that there are actually about 50 rules. In 3×15 `Deception`, the authors seem to have forgotten that they were already using rule #3. A new rule #1 is given in episode 4×11 `Blowback`, which creates another duplicate. Some have speculated that the original rules #1 and #3 are actually “crime scene rules” and not Gibbs` rules. There are also theories that, because rules are not written, numbers can be fluid. Anyway, we now have two versions of rule #1 and rule #3.

However, with the season 7 3×15 finale “Deception”, we have a clarification that Gibbs` rule #3 is actually “Never be unattainable”. At the end of the episode, rule #3 is visible on a piece of paper in the box.