The sale and use of fireworks in the City of Vancouver will no longer be permitted as of November 2020. • Authorizes fireworks demonstrations only to individuals who have been licensed by the Surrey Fire Services Prevention Branch. Prince George: The city charges $23 for a one-time fireworks display and asks a number of questions, including the safety precautions the person will take during use, that they are only used on private property, and that a fire extinguisher agent is available. Here is a list of how some communities in British Columbia handle fireworks: The City of North Vancouver has completely prohibited the sale, purchase, possession or drainage of fireworks of any kind. Anyone caught red-handed can be fined $500. • Must have written permission from a landowner if an exhibition is to take place. Only those who have a fireworks surveillance certificate and proof of liability insurance can obtain a licence. • Prohibits the sale of fireworks and only allows public displays under a $100 firefighter`s permit. Trudeau says that before the ban, the city often saw house fires and damage to trees, fences and bushes caused by people who didn`t properly handle fireworks. He says inspectors will be more present throughout the city in the days leading up to Oct. 31, confiscating illegal fireworks and handing out fines of up to $1,000. Elsewhere in British Columbia, the city of Kamloops said in a statement that it would not allow fireworks in the city on Halloween because it was very hot this fall. A fireworks permit can be obtained from the Burnaby Fire Hall #1 Administration Office at 4867 Sperling Avenue.

The office is open from 08:00 to 17:00. Monday to Friday. • Requires those who organize public displays to obtain a permit from the fire department, to be conducted by at least one person licensed to supervise fireworks by Natural Resources Canada, and to provide proof of general comprehensive insurance of at least $5 million. The Fraser Valley city of Chilliwack has a similar ban on owning and setting off fireworks in Vancouver. Cheaper fireworks permits are available in the days leading up to Halloween. In the meantime, here you can set off fireworks in Metro Vancouver and what isn`t, and what is legally associated with it. • Roman candles, rockets and noisemakers are prohibited outside of “family pack” fireworks, which can only represent 30% of the package. VANCOUVER — On Halloween, many British Columbia residents set out the fireworks. Experts say the practice likely stems from a mixture of the British tradition of Guy Fawkes Night and the use of pyrotechnics at various Chinese festivals.

• Residents may own and set off fireworks, but only on Halloween night and only on a resident`s property with the owner`s consent. Delta: It is illegal to sell, buy or trade fireworks in the city unless you have a permit from the Delta Fire Department. The permit takes at least 10 days to process. The sale, possession and transportation of fireworks is prohibited in Delta unless a permit is obtained. These permits cost $200, but can be purchased by anyone 19 years of age or older, provided they have proof of insurance and an approved safety plan. • Fireworks can be purchased, but only under a $50 fireworks permit issued to a resident 18 years of age or older, available only between October 25 and October 31 (and permits are not issued on weekends). Vancouver: The sale and use of fireworks by the general public is no longer allowed in Vancouver, the city said. While fireworks can continue at community events such as Diwali, they can only be delivered by a certified fireworks technician. Low-risk fireworks are permitted on private property and with the permission of the city`s fire chief. No permit is required on Halloween. • Fireworks can only be purchased from a vendor licensed to sell family fireworks and can only be purchased between October 25 and 31.

October to own. The City of Burnaby has a permit for high-risk fireworks, which can be purchased after applying to the fire department. The only time they can be legally triggered in Vancouver is at city-approved events, where a certified fireworks technician lights the fuse. In Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, local officials are still monitoring fire risks and are waiting until Wednesday to decide whether to allow fireworks this year. • Fines for violations of regulations start at $500 per violation and can reach $2,000 for the misuse of fireworks, with a maximum fine of $10,000 and six months imprisonment. • Prohibited fireworks include fireworks, bottle flares and Roman candles that are not sold as part of consumer packaging. • Residents 18 years of age and older can only own fireworks with “low danger” between October 28 and October 31 at midnight. • Consumer fireworks can be purchased between October 25 and 9 p.m. on October 31, but only with the permission of the fire chief for a person 18 years of age or older. • Fireworks can only be set off on Halloween between 4 p.m. and midnight and only on private property with permission or on public property with written permission from the fire department.

• The event must have an agreement with an organizer or sponsor for a public fireworks event. • Prohibits the sale of fireworks, but allows the unloading of “low-risk” shows such as showers, fountains, reels and sparklers with a $100 permit from the fire department. • Fireworks and other “disturbing” fireworks such as sonic grenades, cherry bombs and bottle rockets are prohibited. • The sale and purchase of fireworks is prohibited, as well as the firing of fireworks, except with the authorization of the fire department. The City of Richmond does not authorize fireworks unless they are performed by a supervisor or authorized chief pyrotechnician. In West Van, night owls can purchase a fireworks permit from the fire department. “They are still forbidden and forbidden,” Trudeau said in an interview. “Fortunately, we have seen that the use of fireworks has decreased significantly since they were banned in 2020.” Private fireworks are only allowed in Surrey with a permit, and this person must have a specific certification to obtain the permit, as well as liability insurance and a site map. In New Westminster, firefighters say they still haven`t banned fireworks for this year`s Halloween celebrations, but are “prepared to do so if the weather remains exceptionally dry.” • Permits are issued free of charge and can be purchased online, subject to successful completion of a fireworks knowledge test. “This year, the risk of fireworks contributing to an interface fire within the city limits is too great, and we hope the community will have understanding and cooperation. However, many communities in Metro Vancouver are only legalizing fireworks for one day, and area residents are taking advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the relaxed regulations on October 31.

New Westminster: Light fireworks can only be fired on private property from 4 p.m. on October 31 until November 1 at 12:01 a.m. The setting off of fireworks on public property requires the written authorization of the city`s Director of Fire and Rescue Services. On Halloween, many British Columbians set out the fireworks. Fireworks can only be lit by those who have a permit, and only those who have a fireworks surveillance certificate can obtain these permits. In the township, they also need a valid operating permit. The sale and use of fireworks without a permit is prohibited. There are “very strict protocols” around private exhibitions, the city says. Permits can be obtained from firefighters. • The sale and possession of fireworks is prohibited unless a resident receives a $100 permit. Surrey: The sale and use of fireworks is prohibited in the city except with a permit from the fire department. Permits are generally held by certified fireworks technicians who have received specialized training, and such permits are rare.

Township of Langley: Permits are required to sell, possess or transport fireworks, and applicants must provide proof of a valid fireworks supervision certificate issued by Natural Resources Canada, a business licence and a sales licence fee of $1,500.