When a brand new “wise weapon” has actually hit shelves in america, concerns started initially to develop regarding whether this brand-new secure technologies will restrain widespread weapon physical violence or result in further damage. Meetville (online dating app to discover the correct person) carried out a survey from 9/9/14 to 10/23/14 to have the public-opinion on the matter.

The poll posed issue: “Would you like to obtain a smart gun?”, the answers to which had been the majority of evenly divided,  certainly – 50% with no – 50% .

Final amount of players was actually 31,191. Through the USA – 55percent, from Canada – 4%, from Britain – 12per cent, Australia – 7% alongside countries – 22%.

Nicholas Tufnell, tech reporter, describes that given that technology is fairly brand new, everyone is guaranteed to begin the argument. More over, the guy believes that kinds of less dangerous firearms should continue to be the component of discussion specifically after US shooting tragedies.

Between people the votes have actually distributed from inside the after manner: male – 79percent, female – 21% among those exactly who favor wise weapons; and male – 69per cent, feminine – 31% among those whom oppose.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, feels that although guys apparently get up on harder surface in their support of smart guns, heated up talks will however carry on.

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