Free legal advice for women who have experienced sexual harassment, pregnancy-related discrimination or discrimination based on family commitments. In 1996, the Women`s Legal Resources Centre established the Aboriginal Women`s Program (now the Aboriginal Women`s Legal Program) with federal funding. The programme aims to improve services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women by providing free legal advice, referrals to other community and legal organisations, training and community workshops. WLS NSW promotes women`s human rights and social justice throughout the state. IWLP`s goal is to provide services that best meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. Macarthur Legal Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free legal advice, referrals and support to people in the Macarthur area of New South Wales. We see our clients as individuals and strive to deliver our services in an innovative, collaborative and holistic way. For legal advice on other matters or outside WLS NSW consultation hours, please call LawAccess on 1300 888 529 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Free confidential legal information, advice and recommendations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in New South Wales, with a focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, parenting, family law, discrimination and victim support.

In 1996, WLS NSW established the Native Women`s Justice Program with federal funding in consultation with Aboriginal women. The Aboriginal Women`s Legal Program is staffed by Aboriginal women and provides services such as free legal advice, help finding a lawyer, training and community workshops, legal resources and information, personal advice through outreach and legal education throughout New South Wales, including Blackett, Campbelltown, Cranebrook, Emerton and Liverpool. [needs to be updated] As the Women`s Legal Resources Centre (WLRC) grew and developed its various programs, the Council changed the name of the service to Women`s Legal Services NSW in 2003 to better reflect the work of the organization. Supporting individuals, community groups, businesses and businesses is very important to SWSLC`s ability to expand and expand its services. Our experienced employees are the backbone of our successful services. Their passion and dedication are constantly evolving to express the needs of their clients. For more information on the types of legal issues in which WLS NSW can provide legal advice or representation, see Areas of Law. We put you in touch with a lawyer for legal advice. WLSNSW works from a feminist perspective.

Through case handling, education, training and reform, WLS NSW aims to promote legal and social change to eliminate the inequalities women face. [3] In 1986, the Women`s Legal Resources Centre recognized the need for a community law centre dedicated exclusively to women victims of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Unit (DVAS) was established to provide advice, advocacy, information and education, as well as to develop guidelines and work on legislative reform. This service has since been renamed the Legal Service for Domestic Violence. In 1982, a group of women`s rights activists founded Australia`s first women`s legal service. The Women`s Legal Resources Centre (WLRC) was established to promote access to justice through the provision of legal services, legal reform and municipal legal education. especially for women disadvantaged by social and economic circumstances. We appreciate feedback that helps us improve our service. You can call the manager at (02) 8745 6900 or write to us at the address above. Free confidential legal information, advice and recommendations for women in New South Wales, with a focus on domestic violence and domestic violence orders. Women`s Legal Services NSW (WLS NSW) provides free confidential legal advice and referrals to women in New South Wales, with a focus on family law, parenting, domestic violence, sexual assault and discrimination.

Until 2010, Women`s Legal Services NSW sponsored Walgett and Bourke/Brewarrina Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (WFVPLS & BBFVPLS), funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General`s Department. Legal services for the prevention of family violence are intended to facilitate community development in the prevention of family violence. The services combined legal resources with professional training, group and individual support, community building and advocacy. They are now under the patronage of Thiyama-li in Moree. Women can make an appointment to meet with a lawyer in person and discuss legal matters face-to-face at one of WLS NSW`s outreach services, located at four women`s health centres in Western Sydney: Fairfield, Liverpool, Liverpool and Penrith. We now serve Campbelltown every second Tuesday of the month from Macarthur Gateway. WLS NSW provides a range of personal legal services: in 2000, Women`s Legal Services (then the Women`s Legal Resource Centre) received the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Law Award for its specialized services to Aboriginal women. [4] WLS NSW provides personal legal advice through a number of outreach programmes.